GHC | Who makes GHC so unique each year?
Ever wonder how the global health conference gets it's own individuality each year? Check this out...
Global Health Conference | GHC Perth 2015 | Global Health for Medical Students | AMSA | GHC family
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The   Logo-Slider_logo Family

A huge thank you to all the people who make GHC possible, if you spot them at the conference be sure to say hi!

Academic Team

Danielle Everett Stotzer
Sophie Norman
Jeremy Rogers
Matt Cockcroft
Nisha Muchhala
Claire Ferguson
Alex Lugg
James Chen
Mel Simonds
Cassie Smith

Social Team

Ayala de Mel
Dee Koshy
Ellen Huang
Jessica Raubenheimer
Karen Bromley
Samuel Sharp
Shashi Pantula
Tess Evans

Logistics Team

Yi Th’ng Seow
Rebakah Tan
Shyamini Naidu
Jane Bromley
Shannon Marantelli
Rada Chidambaram
Rebecca Tynas
Jasmin Sekhon
Benjamin Palladino
Megan Bleeze

Creative Team

Vibhushan Manchanda
Heidi Coakley
Jessie Chen
Emily Earnshaw
Lachlan O’Sullivan
Rachel Ozanne
Monica Leung

The Blueprint Team

Gowri Manoharan
Rebecca Civil


Sponsorship Team

Madhu Dravid
Peter Mallal