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Day Three: Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes.

Day three of Academic gave us a chance to sink our teeth into some substantial issues. First up was Ray Hodgson, who talked about how foreign aid can be counterproductive if not done the right way. And what is this elusive right way? Simply giving…

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Academic Day Two – The AM Adventure

By Lachlan O’Sullivan I will mark this day in my media-tart-heart as one of veritable inspiration, practicality and humbling edification. For this I have to thank the morning academic session, opened by AMA president Brian Owler, and boasting speakers including science communicator Renae Sayers, Fremantle…

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Following on from my previous little article about medical electives, here we run into that old debate-sparking favourite: voluntourism.I recently received an email from my university, which detailed the experiences of a woman studying population health and law who had begun her five-month volunteer placement…

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