GHC | A day in the life of a GHC delegate
Ever wonder what it is really like to be a GHC delegate?
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A Day in the Life of a GHC Delegate

You’ve arrived in sunny Perth where the leaves are greener, the trees are taller, the air is fresher, and the beaches are whiter.


Your morning destination is the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre with its sharp corporate interior, set on the beautiful Swan River. Of course, you have a coffee in hand and you’re still full from that bowl of sustainable muesli which you had before leaving your hotel.

Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
Perth Convention Exhibition Centre in the CBD

The Riverside Theatre has been the home of the Academic Program and you take your seat next to some new friends that you’ve made over the past couple of days. After a passionate talk from a world-renowned speaker, the session proceeds to an on-stage interview – your opportunity to text or Tweet challenging questions to a person who is making a real change in the world. Things keep moving along and a new format of plenary called Global Speaks is introduced: a series of rapid-fire exciting talks from experts, artists, slam poets and more. The pace and energy of Global Speaks makes the presentations and performances invigorating – you’re on the edge of your seat.

It’s lunch. The food looks good, tastes good and feels good because the buffet offers vegetarian options and sustainably sourced meats for non-vegetarians. And you can be assured that the surplus food is going to a great cause – OzHarvest, you can’t wait to hear from their CEO tomorrow. You head to the Delegate Lounge where you bump into that enthusiastic guy who was sharing his brave idea with everybody last night about starting a sustainable development project in Burma. He asks you again, now that you’re both more sober, whether you’re still
up for it.

In one room, Damien Brown, best-selling author, is sharing stories of his foreign aid work while giving you unparalleled insights into the way those experiences might affect your mental health.

Now onto the afternoon workshops where the groups are smaller, the environment is intimate and it’s more likely that you’ll be getting your hands dirty. In one room, Damien Brown, best-selling author, is sharing stories of his foreign aid work while giving you unparalleled insights into the way those experiences might affect your mental health. In the next room, you’re learning how to do a perineal repair after a fictional woman has just delivered a baby in West Africa.

Back to your hotel accommodation in East Perth. You’re staying in luxurious rooms, the common lounge lets you chat with your roommates about all the great things you did today over a locally-sourced meal. Don’t let the banter go overtime though; you’ve got to suit up or frock up for the Gala. Rumour has it that it’s going to be in one of the oldest, grandest buildings in Western Australia, a hall reminiscent of Hogwarts and Winterfell.

Winthrop Hall , University of WA

You’re met by strong arches, high ceilings, and stained glass: a truly enchanting venue. With delicacies of food and drink being presented to you, and a banging dancefloor straight ahead, you stop for a moment. You look around at your friends, the people that you’ve met, and the people you’re about to meet, and you think to yourself “today has been a good day.”